is an ordinary person with family, relatives and friends. He is a Physicist and Electronic Engineer with long and extensive experience, including more than 60 various electronic devices, some of them unique, others in mass production, in scientific laboratories or "flying" on Space satellites and stations.
    He has worked at the Institute of Space Research, Institute of Physiology and Sofia University in Bulgaria, in Penn State University and QorTek Inc in the USA; Since 1990 is Owner and main researcher in his Small private company SELEQ. The fields of work include Aero-space instrumentation, Electronic-Lab equipment, application of physics and electronics in scientific experiments, various medical electronic instruments.
    In the last several years, he is developing methods and apparatus for exploration of the subtle matter and energy, using known physics concepts and electronic equipment. Some of the experiments and results will be described in lectures 18 and 19.
    Author's first encounter with the unusual was at age 16 (in 8th grade). With one only deep and strong decision of mind and will, he achieved total transformation of himself and his world. From constantly sick, weak, unhappy and disgraced, he became healthy, strong, confident and respectable. Another similar leap was adopting of Fasting for health (eating nothing but fresh juices for several days) with very good results. Several diseases, generated by the standard way of life were cured. He reached a new, wiser and uplifted view on everything.
    Later on he made several similar big steps of significant self-improvement. He got to know Hatha-yoga and other natural treatments and lifestyles; Learned and adopted the concepts of homeopathy, meditation, life after death, reincarnation, holistic approch; mastering of psychic energy (power of thought); accepting help from the astral-spiritual guides etc. But there were also periods of contemplation, trial and error, at moments reaching a point of complete despair and resignation.
    Especially successful was 2006, when through regular special meditation, in about a month, he achieved a magical (for conventional doctors) recovery from some "incurable" diseases - a 15-year asthma, an 18-year abnormal night sweating; a large varicose vein bundle disappeared; allergic rhinitis was cured. He started achieving harmony with, and control over some natural elements and astral beings.
    In 2007, while going over Drunvalo Melhizedek's books, he was amazed by the strange mixture of fantasies and fictions, with truthful and useful information. And he realized that he had accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge which he could arrange and describe quite well in a book or a series of lectures. His spiritual guides strongly encouraged him and, later, regularly assisted in the lecture contents matter.
    This is how these lectures came into being.
    Meanwhile, he continues research on the subtle matter and development of new and unusual types of harmless devices for health improvement and the everlasting process of further expanding consciousness and mastering the subtle world.