How to improve Ourselves and the World
Ancient tninker
An attempt for uniting science & esoterics,   for alternative view on
human, health, science, society, universe,   for scientific glance beyond & deeper
in the dense-physical world, in physics and electronics of the soul,   in a brief popular form.
With the aim to teach the people how one can live 200 years healthy, joyful, creative, discovering. 
НЕО-ЭЗОТЕРИЧЕСКИЕ (объединяющие науки и эзотерики) ЛЕКЦИИ     Русский 
  ЛЕКЦИИ по НОВА ЕЗОТЕРИКА (Единение с науките)   Български 
Einstein thinking

New esoterica means not so much inner and confidential, but rather
extraordinary knowledge,   both ancient and modern,   outstripping, correcting and complementing conventional sciences,
appropriate for people with open, but creatively critical thinking;
Spiritual will imply related to the raise of  human mind and spirit, not religious.
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Some topics:
Harmful Music Danger Known as Religion Most Dangerous Harms Indigo Children The 2012 Scarecrow
  A book, containing first 7 lectures, with the temporary title
will be available in 2021 online and in the regular bookstores.


21- APPENDIX. (Mar.2014)
    NELs are not a religious teaching, not related to any religion and do not recommend most of today’s religions. They present the United New Esoterica knowledge, and come after the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky, the Antroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and the Agni yoga of Helena Roerich. NELs are the result of many years careful knowledge accumulation, drop by drop, step by step. They provide only true and accurate information, in accordance with the best author’s abilities. NELs are checked for major errors by Great Spiritual Masters, but do not pretend to be perfect, the only ones nor the last ones, that provide a true information – the universe is infinite and dynamic, it can be observed from different sides and the human knowledge about it is being constantly expanded.

NELs are an attempt for Complete universal Philosophy of  life - theoretical and applied.
They do not impose a faith by an open or hidden force and pressure,
but rather offer a System of advanced scientific knowledge, subject to verification,
based on standard, alternative and esoteric sciences,
scientific intuition, cosmic wisdom,
the useful from religions,
presented in a brief popular form.

Objective – to provide a concise but complete and accurate basic knowledge about:
Purpose and structure of human and universe;
How to ensure high quality healthy life;
Main errors in today's society and science and
how to make successful & sustainable corrections of these errors.
To prepare important positive changes in human and society.

    People are afflicted with numerous diseases and disabilities, with arbitrariness of managers, administrators and politicians, with various criminals and villains, many environment harms, with the unreasonable organization of  the entire society.
    Many perceive that some of the fundamental sciences are in stagnation and uphold some erroneous concepts, that neither science nor religion can give satisfactory answers to a number of key vital philosophical questions, e.g., fewer people believe that life and human came into being by itself, through random mutations, or created by an invisible white-bearded old man called God.
    Most people understand that the modern society is overly commercialized and spiritually indigent, that morality, ethics and aesthetics are totally degraded. Many realize that this situation must substantially change. But HOW?
          There are four main approaches to answering this question:
    1 - The religious is the most incomplete and distorted one today - an irrelevant atavism, but with a huge number of members, not satisfied from public, family and social education and science. Religion originates on the basis of esoteric information, but much of the wisdom and usefulness is forgotten or intentionally removed and most churches serve the political, commercial and special interest, though disguised under а benign form. Some correct (Buddhism, Taoism, Bahai) can be useful, but they can not give substantial and superior knowledge and abilities.
    2 - Standard science is more complete as a philosophy, but only within the familiar dense-physical level. Can not answer some basic philosophical questions and can not explain many natural and scientific phenomena, besides often denies them without studying, while religion "explains" them with miracle or devil. In some ways science is like a religion - examines only areas that are believed to be right enough and in such a way as to not conflict with accepted scientific paradigms and large commercial interests - otherwise the research will be declared unscientific, pseudoscience etc.
    3 - Alternative science is the general name of group or individual researchers, partially accepted or not recognized by the standard scientific community. E.g. Galilean electrodynamics, Union of Natural Philosophy, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Harold Aspden, Gennady Shipov and many others.
    4 - In the esoteric, the oldest approach, full and accurate knowledge had been given only in closed high level schools. Until now, there was no comprehensive public release. Along with useful new and classic editions, today the most popular are esoteric-like fantasies, prophecies, dictations, channelings etc. The information in them is too little, fiction - too much. The correct and useful, on average less than 4%, is difficult to obtain and is often discredited, "embellished" with a lot of fantasies. This leads to a chaos in the knowledge and thoughts of the naive reader and causes distrust or derision in the sane one.
  In this group should be included the various versions of yoga, New Age and other unconventional philosophies and the numerous people, who have adopted just some elements of the above 3 groups, seeking new and independent pathways and lifestyle.
    Most of these four directions partially or totally do not recognize the others, even some furiously oppose another. Just as the old dictum "Divide and conquer" - in this case the people's minds, but also the public funds.
    NELs are an attempt to unify those 4 approaches in order to achieve more complete and accurate knowledge, to terminate the self-confined and self-sustaining degradation of human society and to make a radical turn towards improvement. Peaceful and safe, but irresistible and irreversible.
    NELs offer a Comprehensive Hypothesis (CoH) about the creation and the structure of the world, that provides the basis for explaining all known and unknown phenomena in the universe. Very important for the proper understanding of CoH and everything in the lectures is to be discarded all prejudices and inner conservatism, and to be activated highest mental imagination. Only a poor conservative scientist will declare pseudoscience or quackery everything unusual, which he does not understand or doesn't like, and thus will try to hide his reluctance to accept it or inability to understand.
Guidelines for the accuracy of CoH will be:
    1 - CoH should provide a global and consistent picture of the world;
    2 - CoH should either accept the existing scientific theories, include them as specific cases, or successfully correct them;
    3 - CoH should explain the mysteries of nature, unresolved scientific phenomena and social enigmas;
    4 - CoH should have experimental verification and confirmation of some of it's elements and their consequences. By raising the number of confirmations, this hypothesis will be increasingly shaped as a unified theory of the cosmo-/anthropo- genesis and constitution of the human and the universe.
Some basic elements of CоH:
  1- Universe is created and is controlled by energy-informational ("divine") level.
  2- Primary basis of all matter and fields in our universe is multidimensional torsion field dynamic ether.( Dynamic in its internal structure, not related to the concepts of dynamic and static ether of 19 century ) Concerning some parameters, it is tacitly accepted by the standard science under the name "physical vacuum".
  3- Subtle (invisible, not sensible) types of physical matter and energy, unknown to the conventional science, do exist. For example, besides the visible dense body, the human has also 3 subtle bodies – vital, astral and mental.
  4- Man has been created as device producing loosh ("food for the gods").
  5- The human body is operated by its Self (soul) – an energy-informational essence, similar to a computer program (software) of a very high level; without the Self, the body would be a mere assembly of nonfunctional flesh and bones.
  6- There exist numerous subtle harmful entities ("darkinati") as well as obstructive high-level internal programs that resemble software viruses. All these present a challenge for overcoming by the highly developed human Selves.
  7- During the first epochs of human history, unknown today, there have been no diseases; The actual causes for most of them are very different from what is believed today; They are mainly inside the human thoughts and feelings.
  8- The free human will, given thousands of years ago, as an unique tool for novel creativity, exhibits an important side effect - it is a main damaging and degrading factor in the human society.
  9- Religions and the other emotional and mental addictions are a major test for overcoming. They limit the spiritual development and suck subtle energy from the majority of Earth population.
      Еxamples of tentative experimental confirmations:
  – Recording of evidences for The subtle human bodies – examination of the media (air) around the visible dense body shows:
    - Changes in the plasmographic status – by Kirliyan photography (high-voltage plasmography);
    - Changes of some optical parameters – by special custom designed polarimeters;
    - Changes in the air resistivity, measured with high-voltage excitation;
    - Presence of an unujual UV-radiation, observed by Channel photo-multiplier (CPM).
  – Recording of data for Unknown cosmic power-supply fields ("Space fire") – using a polarimeter of relevant design.
  – Recording of electric pulses in water, fruit, food, etc., generated by Unknown invisible (subtle) forms – by means of modified electroencephalograph (EEG).
  These and other examples will be described in L.18 & 19, they will be further expanded and complemented, the work is in progress.

Lectures 1 and 2 present the basic concepts;
L3 through L6 are a broader basis of the philosophy;
L7 through L17 include mostly applied knowledge;
L18 and L19 give brief information on the history, the present and the future of the experimental studies of subtle matter and energy;
L20 is generalizing and concluding.

    By concise scientifically and esoterically accurate information, NELs will teach or suggest: UV-visualisation

How to achieve physical and mental health and working efficiency;
  Avoid distress, sadness, depression,
    Be immune to any disease or harm,
      Protected against criminals and villains;

What is the past, the present and the future of the human and the world,
  how to properly utilize the nature,
    how to receive proper information for the universe, society, human, health;
How to realize our hidden latent capabilities, which will allow us,
  with love and goodness, yet with great power,

to fix the damages in the nature, man and society,
  that have been caused by human ignorance and conceit,
    to live as long as we decide, and in conditions we choose or create,
      to experience, investigate and develop many other unexpected abilities.

    A lot of the described here may seem utopian and absurd for the known scientific laws. Please do not reject it hastily - let it be considered by the intuition, together with the intellect and feelings. Far from everything is known to the science, and it is common the innovations to be accepted slowly and hardly. But today these are especially needed, and must be radical. Indicative is the remark of Niels Bohr (One of the creators of the contemporary physics, Nobel laureate) "Your hypothesis is not crazy enough to be true"! We should not forget that a big part of the yesterday's science fiction today is a scientific truth, and let's hope that NELs are crazy enough to be true!
    They present a correct basis and a proper way to enable anyone, who wishes and feels ready, to continue the individual development.
    They are the author’s personal conviction, based on his most recent knowledge, which he expresses as a free citizen of the world, according to the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and with apologies for any incompleteness, insufficient clarity and inaccuracies.


Constructive criticism, suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated :   

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