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How to IMPROVE Ourselves and the World NEO-ESOTERIC LECTURES - Simon Jivkov
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Preface - story
This wondrous device - The human

     Long long time ago - so long that nobody can tell when, so far away that nobody can tell where, because the known space-time had not been created yet, there was a great society of high-level mental-spiritual beings. And there was a very high demand of a special substance, referred to as loosh. It was a kind of food, beverage, building resource and pleasure in the same time. It was insufficient, hard to find, especially in its fine, distilled version. The necessity and insufficiency were so high, that a decision was made - a special garden-enterprise for loosh production to be created.
    About a million years ago, after long and complex efforts in several quite unsuccessful in the beginning directions, a remarkably good result had been achieved. It was found that the 4-th modified crop in the garden, was producing significant amount of fine, distilled loosh, using primarily the second crop, plants, to ensure its existence. This was achieved mainly dividing the crop in two halves - male and female, yearning for one another with love and kindness. After this discovery, most of the third crop - animals, had been also divided in two sexes and other modifications in the garden had been made to ensure the best environment for the main loosh producer. Later he referred himself as Human, he's creators as Gods, and the garden as Earth.
      This wonderful creation - The human - produces fine loosh for the gods and for sustaining the physical world, as well as for his own use and for ensuring his privileged existence. Fine loosh is generated by positive emotions - love (sexual and universal), joy, kindness, creativity, beauty and harmony. World's existence is based on the goodwill mental activity of humans and the numerous similar creatures from the other loosh gardens. Understanding and conscious awareness of this unexpected and unknown to most people truth about the world, designates overcoming one of the chief fairies-enchantresses, who keep the secrets of the Universe from annoying intruders. Therefore, in many tales, wisdom and happiness are being achieved after difficult and complex trials. These fairies have been overcome during the known history of the human civilization, as well as during the dozens of the previous unknown to us epochs, and their secrets have been learned by individuals who had taken the road of wisdom and initiation.
     Today the time is right to set the door to this wonderful world ajar for the benefit of the masses. Many spontaneously realize that the human is not only a physical body, that he was not created by splashing waves in the ancestral sea, random mutations, or by an invisible white-bearded old man, but, at the same time, it is difficult to find rational information on the matter. Religions, neo-religions, sects, cults and religious denominations offer updated "We’ll tell you how to save your soul if you first sell it to the devil, pardon, we meant to us." Although religion is an irrelevant atavism now, it gathers followers because it makes up for a deficiencies in children, family and society education and science. Established science can not answer many basic vital and philosophical questions, being very busy with commercialization, stagnation, self-citation and mutual confrontation with the alternative and esoteric sciences.
     In addition to being a loosh producing mechanism, human life is a means for improving the soul (the self), which is a specific bio-informational software that directs all thoughts and actions of the human. These software-selves have been created over many thousands of years, enriched and improved in numerous cyclic implementations called incarnations. Besides the visible dense physical body, the human has several subtle bodies, composed of physical substance unknown to the standard science, which is made up of unknown elementary particles; this substance is subtle, flexible, pervasive, and impalpable. It is easily shaped in various forms and functions by the thought power of the gods, the great masters, the advanced human beings, and other high-level creatures. The dense body depends on the subtle bodies, they are controlled by divine-informational selves, which in turn are governed by local gods, the local gods are governed by higher gods, etc. There is a great variety of subtle beings, unknown to us because they are invisible and impalpable. The essence of overcoming the next fairies-guards is, in fact, the act of learning, acceptance and proper awareness of the subtle worlds and the divine-informational prime cause of the universe.
     Knowledge that man is inherently intended to produce loosh-love, shows that he is created to live in joy, love and kindness. But history is full of wars, violence and other kinds of negative, adverse events. A huge part of human activity today is futile, unnecessary and harmful. The human race emits plenty of chaotic, disharmonious thoughts, many of them negative, which, although invisible, are powerful harm for everything living. Hoarding money and property over the normal requirements of shelter, food and creative work, the huge delays and distortion of spiritual development compared to technics and technologies and excessive commercialization are the greatest mistakes of the civilization. The plenty of negative thoughts and actions among the people are not quite normal and natural for the human. They are covertly programmed by TV, movies, Internet, disharmonious music, religious proverbs, degrading education and are aggravated by the electro-smog and the more and more frequent lack of normal family and neighborly relations.
    Everything bad and negative must be overcome and eliminated, not to obey it, even less to support and intensify it! However it is here for some very very deep reasons:
    The first one is the remnant of the initial trials to obtain a loosh, simply by destroying (harvesting) the crop, аnd of the struggle beast - prey later. 
   The second one is larger and much more complicated to understand. In the beginning good and bad exist in harmony, as complementary parts of a whole. Bad is as a negative example for comparison, to emphasize the good. However, at some stage of the loosh-garden development, some external creatures are allowed to collect the unused low-grade loosh. Gradually, they settle inside the garden and make modifications to complicate the life because, even spiritual beings, they are at a quite low level and prefer the shady loosh of pain and suffering. There is very little information regarding these creatures. They are being called different names - Grey, Dark, Iluminati. Let's introduce a summing name Darkinati, which suits them well. These and some other similar are responsible for most difficulties and hardships of today's world, especially the irrational, absurd ones, for instance, the discrepancy between the correct, reasonable way of living of many people and their diseases and illnesses. – The reason for their misfortune lies not in the naive and suitable for religious parable about sin and punishment. And mainly because of the darkinati's influence, scientists still do not dare or manage to obtain a convincing instrumental evidence for the existence of subtle creatures, objects and materials, although it is feasible for today's science and technology.
    The third, the greatest cause of evil in the world is the most striking, the most difficult to overcome fairy-guard. This is the free will, which was given to man for thousands of years ago as a means of qualitatively new creativity. At the same time, however, the unerring intuitional knowledge that the human had possessed by then was withdrawn. Humans were left to rumble, to make mistakes, to rediscover the already existing knowledge as viewed by the dense level. All this for the opportunity to discover something new, unknown, unattainable otherwise. However, as a "side effect" the human free will appears to be the basic factor for aggravation and destruction of the human society – because of it, most people fall into the abyss of vices, fears, fashion, ignorance, wealth, obsessions, vanity, conservatism etc.
     Today the Earth, being part of the first, quite imperfect loosh-garden, because of the presence of the darkinati and other similar entities, and the free human will, is a very difficult but extremely effective school for the human selves; a few people complete it with good success, but this is a huge progress for them.
     In the first epochs of the human history, unknown to the general public and the science today, diseases did not exist. The actual main reasons for them are predominantly mental - the way of thinking and the attitude to the world. Next in turn are: the psycho-smog - fear and anguish, jealousy and hatred, devilry and spells, psychotronic emissions; improper nutrition, stress, psychic obsession, harmful music, television and movies; electro-smog - cell phones, fast computers, microwaves; also, karma, smog, geo-anomalous zones and others. The disease is usually a signal that we should fundamentally change the way of life by adopting new thinking - wise, bright, positive; proper nutrition - mainly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts; better behavior- with love and tolerance to others and to the nature, etc. Many of the usual infections and allergies are healing processes; some diseases and problems are a test, a challenge to properly understand and reflect them, as well as the life and the world in general. Only 6-7% of the standard drugs are really useful, and over 50% are dangerously harmful. There is an effective and safe treatment for any illness, but the knowledge about this is forgotten, forbidden or not discovered yet. In principle, the prevention of disease is the best - in the ancient China the doctor's wages were reduced as soon as some of his patients got sick.
     So the bad is too much and will not disappear by itself. Just on the contrary - it gets deeper and stronger, can not be removed by conventional methods, because it lies in the foundation of the society in self-sustaining systems. From the usual dense-physical level today's world is incurable, unshakable. The standard science can not help, the religion rather interfere.
     Qualitatively new, radically different methods are necessary.
    It is the free human will, the main harm, that can and should become a major rescuer, being tamed and refined by itself - the wise human beings, who have advanced thanks to their own free will, will lead other people in the right direction, in emotional, intellectual and intuitional harmony. Like the mythical heros with partially divine origin who possessed huge power, those humans who have achieved and awakened their divine spark, will be able to activate their mighty latent capabilities. That will allow them to master their body, health, thoughts and spirit; the earth, underground and celestial elements; to live as long as they decide. Body and mind, life and death, past and future, human and nature will be harmoniously subordinate to them.
    Those essentially different new humans will become the kernel of the new world. This kernel will grow bigger and bigger through their tremendous capability for positive remote influence, through the power of thought, applied with love and kindness; also through their personal example - always in great health, spirit and work fitness, and by educating others who desire it. This process will develop until a considerable part of the society eventually wishes for and accepts a radical positive change. That will ensure a mental support, strong enough to build a powerful energy-information field of love, wisdom and goodness, health and beauty around the Earth, that will both stimulate and require the change of the world. This process will be peaceful, safe, but irreversible and irresistible.
    Thus, the dream of the greatest esoteric thinkers of many ages is attainable - instead of a flood or other cataclysm (like the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria or the burying of Sahara under the sands) the transition to the next epoch could be nearly smooth, in small steps, without major casualties and destruction. The benefit would be universal – to each individual who would have achieved health and excellence, to the entire mankind that would have escaped self-destruction, and finally, the latent divine means of smooth transition , embedded in our world, would have been demonstrated and proved. This would be one of the highest possible achievements of a civilization.
    The realization of this transition is completely within our power, the power of the wisest among us. Which way we will go and what future we'll ensure for us and our children, depends entirely on us.
    Sounds like a fairy tale. But do not reject it hastily - some tales are real. And some come true!
    However, do not discuss this with ignorant and narrow minded people, if you don't want them to think you are crazy.

 NEO-ESOTERIC LECTURES - L.00s, v.5 (Dec.2010)
Esoteric Copyright - Simon Jivkov, 2008
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Lectures (in html):   00t- Mini-summary,  00s- Preface-story.