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NEO-ESOTERIC (Uniting science & esoterics) LECTURES - Simon Jivkov

Mini - summary
Lec.00t, v.8 (Oct.12)
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    What is needed for a healthy, happy, full-value life? - Good simple home, proper food, suitable education and job, reasonable and enjoyable hobby and entertainment; Physical, spiritual and creative activity; Regular normal sex; Birth and upbringing of a child; Properly understanding the own place in the world, the necessity of joy and calmness; Love, tolerance and respect for oneself, to the partner, children, relatives and friends, as well as receiving the same from them; Love towards the nature and our creators, usually unknown to us, but they always give us love and attention.
    What happens in the world instead? The vast majority of the human activity today is unnecessary, a large part harmful, increasingly commercialized, diminished to money, property and unhealthy pleasures; harmful to the nature, mainly oriented to technology, while the spirit development is neglected. People buy goods in excess, many of them even harmful. The nutrition is very improper, the environment is filled with electro- & psycho- smog, the life is full of stress and fears or, on the contrary - of negligence. Part of the popular music, as well as many movies, provoke aggression, hatred and other intense negative emotions. Many appliances (cell phones, microwaves, TVs, music systems) are damaging body and mind, reducing the intellect. More and more advanced diagnostic methods and drugs are created, but diseases and patients are increasing in type and number, and more and more people seek alternative healing.
    Science and religion give contradictory and unsatisfactory answers to basic questions about the creation of the universe and the man, the meaning of our existence. The science can not explain many natural and scientific phenomena and often denies them without exploration. The church generally recognizes them, but "explains" with the devil or miracles. Science is in stagnation, with many contradictions, gaps and errors. As 300 years ago the scientists were not allowed to offer any view, not complying with the tenets of the omnipotent church, anything inconsistent with the today's scientific paradigms can not be accepted - will be declared unscientific, a quackery etc. The good thing is, that instead of facing the Inquisition and the stake, the rebel will be only excluded from the "scientific" community and can become unemployed. The "good" scientist today firmly believes in the religion standard science and carefully self-protects from the "pseudo-science"!
    How can this situation be improved? Tthrough ordinary means - impossible! The poor education, child upbringing and social cultivation, TV, movies, music, nutrition, stress, errors and omissions in science, etc, create people with limited intelligence and health, easy for manipulation by the overt and secret world rulers, who have organized the world in a self-sustaining conservative system, precluding any sizable improvement from the ordinary physical level.
    There are evidences for previous civilizations, disappeared in planetary cataclysms, after which new epochs have been started on a clean Earth. There are hypotheses for similar events in the years ahead, due to the unacceptably distorted humankind. Although some of them are not fantasies, this should not frighten us, because it is in our power to change it. These events have been canceled for the near future, due to the successful progress of some of our contemporaries and as part of the implementation of another hypothesis. Namely - that any destruction with many victims can be avoided, if initiate a substantial positive change, a deep healing process of the human society and utilize the very good natural and cosmic conditions in the recent decades, which will continue. And especially if activate the internal latent ability - to move towards a new, higher epoch gradually, in small steps - a smooth transition.
    Such a change is only possible if radically new methods are used, very different from today's accepted scientific and social paradigms. These lectures offer a possible way to prepare and successfully implement the change through a set of new knowledge, necessary for the proper training and orientation of the human thought, mind, will, hidden latent abilities. They can make huge positive changes in body, mind, science, society, nature; can ensure health and efficiency, strength and protection, joy and prosperity.
    As a knowledge base, needed for this remarkable change, the author offers a Comprehensive hypothesis (CoH) about the creation and structure of the world, based on the standard, alternative and esoteric sciences, his mental and instrumental research and intuition.
    Key elements of CoH: Due to the limited human senses people know little about the world around, which narrows the thought boundaries - the standard science is not aware of many entities and phenomena, which are esoterically known for thousands of years. The basic finest physical substance of the universe is the multidimensional torsion field dynamic ether. (Dynamic in its internal structure, not related to the same concept of 18c.) All matter and fields are vortices in it. It is created and organized by the will of higher energy-informational beings - gods (but quite different from the religious ones), as a medium for the existence and manifestation of the future Loosh (food for gods) producing device. This Loosh producer on the Earth called itself Human. By positive emotions he transmutes the raw cosmic psychic energy (prana) into Loosh. The proper sexual activity derived from love, was created mainly as a mean for Loosh production. Besides the familiar dense physical body, the man possesses also vital, astral and mental bodies, composed of subtle matter, unknown to the standard science. The bodies are controlled by the Self (spirit, soul, mind) - a very specific self-dependant software, which is constantly self improving throughout multiple incarnations in new dense bodies. The self's parts are dense, subconscious, conscious, over(super)conscious, and higher (supreme) Self, all in protective auras.
    Besides a plant for Loosh, the Earth is a difficult, but very effective school for the people and a laboratory for the gods. Inferior spiritual beings (Darkinati, etc.) also use Loosh, but a lower-grade, result of suffering - therefore they make the life more difficult and complicated. In the first epochs no diseases existed. They are result of the inability of man to deal with the difficult Earth life - mostly due to the wrong way of thinking, feeling and perception, as well as to the psycho- and electro- smog, bad food, bad music, noise, infections, smog, harmful cures, pathogenic zones etc. Health can be ensured mainly via prevention; elimination of the causes, treatment aimed at the human as a whole (considering all bodies and selves) rather than treating the disease only. Proper food (primarily raw vegetation) is required for a healthy successful life - innocuous, salutary, tasty and good-looking. Human free will (HFW) is a unique tool for innovative creativity, otherwise unattainable, but it has harmful side effects and becomes a degrader and destroyer of the society. However, it is the HFW that can restrain itself - the most advanced, due to the HFW, people can train and lead the others towards a gradual radical change of our world, simultaneously at dense-physical and at spiritual levels.
    The main aim of the lectures is to teach us how to live hundreds of years without diseases and problems, in spiritual, physical and creative health, in joy and love, peace and fulfillment. They provide brief knowledge that covers all major areas of nature and society, scientifically and esoterically truthfully, without fictions and fantasies: For the basic esoteric concepts, the divine spark, the history of the universe and the man with his immense latent capabilities; For the most dangerous harms, especially from religions, today's education and mass culture; For the basic errors of contemporary science; For proper nutrition, way of living, communication with each other and with the nature; For protection from harmful meditation or hypnosis, dangerous doctrine, malicious guru etc; For achieving wisdom and power; For some methods of obtaining higher knowledge - proper meditation (orientated concentrated thinking), look in Akasha, esoteric pendulum, etc; For the need of good spiritual teacher (not necessarily in a dense physical body), to protects us from mistakes and to suggest a proper way; For some healing methods and means, some direct and indirect confirmation of CoH, reasonable necessary changes in social structure, guidelines for the smooth transition and many others.
    However, do not discuss them with limited and ignorant skeptics, who could think you're crazy.
Lectures will be updated periodically.  

 NEO-ESOTERIC LECTURES - Lec.00t, v.8 (Oct.12)
Esoteric Copyright- Simon Jivkov, 2010
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