Lectures (in html):   00t- Mini-summary,  00s- Preface-story.
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  00t. Mini-summary- shortest summary for people with more technical way of thinking (2 pages A5).
  00s. Preface-story- a brief summary, purpose and nature of the lectures, given in the form of a story (4 pages A5).
  01. Introductory lecture - goals, history, preface; summary of the main topics: the Comprehensive Hypothesis, some basic elements of CoH, proper spiritual progress, true & wrong esoteric info; criticism of the today's status quo, necessity of deep change, a feasible algorithm for it.
  02. Basic concepts - reincarnation (rebirth); Self (soul) - parts, creation, evolution; karma, sleep, mental energy, space fire; the challenge of the hard earth life, causes; false beliefs, power of the light forces.
  03. Religions - religion, church and religious communities, the huge harms - destroying personality and spirit, energy- suction, impeding the progress; main and interesting religions; esoteric figures and major movements; summary.
  04. Cosmogenesis - Creation of Universe, Earth; antropogenezis; cosmos, earth, human - purpose; creatures, objects, fields related to Earth; Chronology - 6 eras: 1- childhood of the Earth, 2- micro-plants in the water, 3- large plants; 4- giant reptiles (3 epochs), 5- beasts (14 epochs), 6- 2-sex human (123 epochs, multiple reset); back in the time; chrono-table.
  05. Anatomy - dense and subtle (vital, astral, mental) body; dense, underconscious, conscious, overconscious and higher self; basic dense & subtle anatomy-physiology (creative-sacral forms/ assembly point, cell, brain, metabolism, epiphysis, DNA, blood, lymph, meridians, chakras); energy supplies of the bodies; birth of subtle bodies; the unification of selves with bodies;  the transition of death; the life between the lives.

  06. Meditation - basics, rules, mistakes; prayer, hypnosis; esoteric pendulum; spiritual growth - preconditions, techniques, methods; merkaba, OBE, kundalini; accurate information, intuition, mind, emotion; errors and obstacles, getting over. Meditation examples.
  07. Nutrition - today it is mostly wrong, harmful, commercialized. Basic food items, good regime of the day, good, bad and harmful foods; good, wrong and unnecessary rules; meat and vegetarianism.
  08. Harms- invisible subtle harms; pulsations of the subtle atmosphere; Hazardous surroundings: fatal (Hartmann-node, directed psycho-smog, some drugs & cancer treatments), very (cell-phones, distress, noise, magnets, some vaccines, religion, wrong nutrition), medium (electro-smog, MW stove, fast computer; internet, narcotics, radon-222, growth hormones in the food) and moderate (smog, deionized air, some fluoric pills...); masked harmful influences; loud music - mysterious harm; basic errors of the humanity.
  09. Health prophylaxis - health care overview- commercialization, degradation and monopoly of the regular health care; causes for the bad health; Basic preventions: 1- Clean thoughts and emotions; 2- Clean & proper environment; proper nutrition, sleep, sex, silence; 3- Physical ( exercise, temper, hata-yoga, yoga-breathing, fasting); 4 - Psychic and mental (meditation, positive thinking, good music; getting free from fear, stress, embarrassment, strenuousness; energy-balance; chakras & meridians normalization).
  10. Healing - health- divine granted but conditional; Treat a person, not a disease; treat all bodies and Selves; remove all harms from the dense, subtle and spiritual environment (accepts most Holistic principles); Understanding and removing the real causes; Basic good medicines and treatments; Guidelines for treatment of certain main diseases.

  11. Fasting for Health - eating nothing but fresh juices for several days to cure almost any illness and improve all bodies and mind; Basis of action; Appropriate time for beginning, mode of application, prevention from side effects; start of feeding - the most important part. Psychic obsession, release. Express release from karma.
  12. Home and Living style - home location, layout, heating, beauty, purity, Feng Shui; tolerance, humor, harmony at home; Personal hygiene; The sex- pleasant divine obligation, 7 groups of psychic sex problems, the harm from a perverse, insufficient or excessive sex.
  13. Social Ethics - the man in the dense world; behavior, vocation, rights and responsibilities; communication, trust, fear, alienation; nutrition ethic, recreation, fun.
  14. Science - conservative and commercialized; Hermetic Principles, Basic sciences; Physics - an overview of today adopted; dynamic ether, spin tensor, subtle and dense matter, main fields, Energy, Information. Energetics; Chemistry; Biology.
  15. Humanities - Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Energy-informational basis of the psychic, character, behavior; Upbringing of the child. History, Language, Construction, Transport, Environment, Astrology.

  16. Education - big reforms; errors and absurdities; Indigo children; The new school, home school; The teacher - to be a friend and to have authority; Greatly reducing the volume and errors; Change of the programs and organization; Individual and friendly teaching.
  17. Social Constitution - society exists despite of the obstacles of the politicians; guidelines for the new state, economy, organization of work, legal, defense and cultural systems, energy-information reorganization.
  18. Experimental Research - historical overview, Kirliyan photography, mono-pulse plasmography, cellular radiation anisotropy because of the mental impact; UV radiation and conductivity around human body discovered by the author.
  19. Applied Knowledge - Some "impossible" treatments; Franz Mesmer, Baron von Reichenbach- Od-energy, Rife- therapy of cancer, Lakowski's MW- healing oscillator, William Reich- Orgon; Electro-therapy FRELT (discovered by the author); Reinhold Voll, Hemi-sink (of Monroe Institute), "life" water, HV- cleaning from psi-parasites, IonDetox, Pyramid; Internal healing devices.
  20. Smooth Transition - summary; methods for spiritual growth; Great master and initiated; Divine spark; The smooth transition to a new epoch- significance, opportunities; possible changes in the Earth's continents and axis; more probable options; conclusion.

  (21). Appendix - abbreviations, additional basic concepts, some most harmful drugs, useful drugs, the most harmful food-additives and others.

 Lectures will be periodically updated.
Version and date are indicated in the beginning and at the end of each lecture: v.3 (Sep.10)